UK Defense Ministry: Russian forces control most of destroyed Marinka

The Russian army has made "creeping advances" through the ruins of Marinka in Donetsk Oblast and now "likely controls" most of the area, the U.K. Defense Ministry reported in an intelligence update on Dec. 5.

"Ukrainian forces remain in control of pockets of territory on the western edge of the town," according to the Defense Ministry.

Russia's efforts to capture Marinka, which is now "comprehensively ruined," is part of an autumn offensive focused on Donetsk Oblast, the intelligence update said.

The General Staff of Ukraine's Armed Forces said on Oct. 23 that Russia was launching heavy attacks at many parts of the eastern front, including in the direction of Marinka, Bakhmut, and Avdiivka.

Marinka, which had a population of 9,000 in February 2022, has been a front-line town since 2014. It lies 30 kilometers southwest of Avdiivka.

The U.K. Defense Ministry reported on Nov. 27 Russian forces in Ukraine have likely suffered “some of the highest" casualty rates in the past six weeks, mainly caused by Russia’s offensive against Avdiivka.

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