UK and allies seek to arm Ukraine with AI-enabled swarm drones – Bloomberg

stock photo: General Staff of Ukraine
stock photo: General Staff of Ukraine

The UK is working with countries, including the US, to provide Ukraine with thousands of new artificial intelligence-enabled UAVs that can simultaneously attack Russian targets.

Source: Bloomberg, citing its sources

Details: One participant in the programme noted that AI-enabled drones would be deployed in large fleets that would communicate with each other to target Russian positions, with no human operator needed to control each one.

The people developing this technology believe it could allow Ukraine to suppress certain Russian positions with the help of uncrewed vehicles.

They say the drones may be sent to Ukraine within a few months, but they also warn that this deadline may be missed.

Background: Earlier, Ukraine's Defence Minister Rustem Umierov announced that the drone coalition had officially launched as part of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group (also known as Ramstein-format meetings).

On 15 February, during a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels, the partners committed to supplying Ukraine with 1 million drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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