UFO or swarm of bugs? Object recorded over South Carolina ignites tabloid coverage

A 45-second video recorded in eastern South Carolina is getting tabloid coverage for allegedly capturing a UFO in the sky near Charleston.

The video, recorded by Shaneika Joyner of North Charleston, shows an elongated object moving in front of the clouds, as if tumbling out of control.

“Oh my God. There’s something in there,” her daughter, India, is heard saying in the video. “Is it a ship?”

The video was posted June 30 by Joyner on Facebook and shared July 6 on YouTube by Dogtooth Media, where it has gotten nearly 60,000 views as of Wednesday. It was recorded on Highway 52 in the Goose Creek area, the site reported.

Joyner has not offered a guess about what she filmed. It looked like a puff of smoke, but it didn’t move like smoke, she noted in Facebook comments. It made no sound and was traveling so fast that it was difficult to catch on video, she said.

The U.S. Sun tabloid referred to it as a “mystery craft” in a July 6 headline, while iHeartRADIO was more direct, reporting: “UFO Stops Traffic In South Carolina As Drivers Film It.”

“It was going fast but it slowed down enough for me to record it. It looked like it spun a little when it got by the trees,” Joyner was quoted telling The U.S. Sun. “I was in awe.”

Reaction on social media has included talk of sensible explanations, with guesses including an insect swarm; a flock of migrating birds; a “helium bubble cloud” or a big plastic bag.

It easily fits the definition of a UFO, as a flying object that is tough to identify, some noted on Facebook.

“Lower atmospheric cloud caught in a back-wind?” Lana Magnuson posted.

“Looks like a swarm of bees, if they ever go up that high,” Aleesha Jurd wrote.

“I don’t know what it is, but it’s not a helicopter,” Kelly Sandoval said.

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