Ubisoft developer says Wii U GamePad response time is ‘crazy’ fast

Raymond Wong
Following Wii U flop, Nintendo reportedly already prepping next-gen ‘Fusion’ console

Gamers worried about the streaming latency for the Nintendo (NTDOYWii U GamePad can finally let out a sigh of relief. In a recent Nintendo Power interview, Rayman Legends developer Michel Ancel said the Wii U GamePad latency is “just 1/60 of  a second” or roughly “one frame late.” To the human eye, that’s virtually unnoticeable.

The impressed Ancel said, “It’s crazy, it’s so fast. It’s almost instant. That’s why it responds so well. So it can be used as a real game-design thing.”

It’s been confirmed that the Wii U should be able to stream content over to the GamePad at distances up to 24 feet. All in all, the Wii U is starting to sound like a very solid game console despite Nintendo’s late entry into the high-definition gaming world.

The Wii U launches on November 18th starting at $299.99 with 23 games in its arsenal. Most early preorders have already sold out with the grey market already exploiting the high demand.


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