UASOF Intelligence helped artillery to eliminate Russian Uragan rocket launchers

Valentyna Romanenko — Tuesday, 5 July 2022, 22:33

Ukrainian soldiers shared a video demonstrating the elimination of Russian Uragan self-propelled multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS).

Source: Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (UASOF),  Press Service on YouTube

Quote: "Several Uragan MLRS units were eliminated thanks to the coordinated work of UASOF operators and a team-minded unit of artillerymen."

"The aggressors transported their Uragan MLRS and all the military equipment necessary for its operation to a very convenient place for them, or at least they thought so. They were getting ready to shell the positions of the [Ukrainian] Defence Forces as has, unfortunately, become a tradition. Even worse, they had been preparing to shell the civilian population."

"Having scouted the location of the priority targets of the enemy's equipment, UASOF operators sent several ‘greetings’ using drones and further adjusted our artillery fire. You can see the results in the video."

Details: The exact location and time of the precise operation completed by Ukrainian soldiers have not been disclosed.