UAE's rowing team to cross the Atlantic

STORY: This rowing team is gearing up for journey across the Atlantic Ocean

to raise awareness about marine pollution

Location: Dubai, UAE

The three-member Arabian Ocean Rowing team

plans to set off from La Gomera, off the coast of Africa, in December 2022

and row 3,100 miles to Antigua in the Caribbean

(Rai Tamagnini, Arabian Ocean Rowing team member)

"We have been training for more than around one and a half years and we have been doing specific team training, rowing, diet, team building. I am very excited and enthusiastic about this."

The team is partnering with the U.N. Environment Programme’s Clean Seas campaign

and will be taking science experiments on their crossing

(Toby Gregory, Arabic Ocean Rowing team founder)

"We are going to be taking samples from day 1 through to day 50 and unfortunately, we were told by scientists that at every stop on our journey we will be finding microplastics in the water, which is frankly unacceptable. And if they are in every stage of our journey in the water, what does it say about our oceans, what does it say about what we are eating, what we are swimming in. People are aware of this, but they are not doing anything, so we hope to use our voyage to raise awareness about this."