U.S. suspends military aid to Ukraine - White House

John Kirby
John Kirby
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In what must sound like music to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s ears, the military aid that the U.S. had been providing to Ukraine has currently been halted, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby said during a press briefing on Jan. 11.

Further assistance depends on the decision of Congress, which must support an additional request for national security to receive more funding.

“The assistance that we provided has now ground to a halt,” Kirby said. “The attacks that the Russians are conducting are only increasing.  And now, as I talked about earlier this week, they’re using North Korean ballistic missiles to do their dirty work. So, the — the need is acute right now, particularly in these winter months.”

The U.S. Department of Defense announced on December 27th the latest tranche of military aid to Ukraine, totaling 250 million dollars.

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This aid package became final because, on Dec. 6, the bill for financing aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan in the amount of approximately $106 billion failed to pass a procedural vote in the U.S. Senate due to Republican demands for stricter migration policies.

Before the vote, U.S. President Joe Biden urged Congress to urgently approve the aid package for Ukraine to avoid having to send American troops to fight against the Russians.

The reason for the blocking of aid to Ukraine by the Republicans is their desire to strengthen the border with Mexico and have conditioned Ukraine's aid on implementing their preferred border policy. Democrats do not agree.

The U.S. ran out of funds on Dec. 30 for the purchase of new weapons to replace equipment sent to Ukraine, Bloomberg reported on Dec. 18, citing the Pentagon.

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