U.S. Soccer Gained and Lost an Openly Gay Player Today

David Wagner
The Atlantic Wire

The Los Angeles Times' Kevin Baxter writes that social media response from fellow soccer players has been supportive of Rogers' decision. Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl noticed the same trend, arguing, "MLS, probably more than other U.S. men's sports leagues, is ready for an openly gay player." Athletes in other sports continue to wrestle with their own prejudices against homosexuals. In some cases, they're make strides towards addressing homophobia, as Kobe Bryant did earlier this week in condemning the casual use of homophobic slurs. MLS hasn't been a completely homophobia-free-zone in the past, but the response from teammates and competitors to Rogers' coming out has been quite positive: 

“ @robbierogers #robbierogers Just getting some sh*t off my chest. fb.me/2G6VcA57v” Respect man. Proud of you bro.

— Juan Agudelo (@jagudelo11) February 15, 2013

@robbierogers fair play mate- and good luck in whatever you do next pal. Good to have met you. All the best x

— jason pearce (@jpearcedog87) February 15, 2013

#respect 🙏 RT @jessebignami: Much love and respect for you @robbierogers! #Proud #Truth

— herculez gomez (@herculezg) February 15, 2013

@robbierogers proud to call you my friend. #respect

— Benny Feilhaber (@b_feilhaber22) February 15, 2013

Much respect @robbierogers. Nothing but support for you

— Chris Pontius (@ChrisPontius13) February 15, 2013

Footballer Robbie Rogers has come outand said he is gay. Wish him all the best and hope he continues to play free of any nonsense.

— Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) February 15, 2013