U.S. lawmakers bid to ban TikTok

STORY: TikTok could be banned in the U.S.

That’s if rare bipartisan legislation unveiled Tuesday (December 13) goes through.

The move was presented by Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

It would block all transactions from any social media company in or under the influence of China and Russia.

A companion bill in the House of Representatives is sponsored by Republican and Democrat congressmen.

The move comes after a failed bid by the Trump administration to ban TikTok.

Last month, FBI Director Chris Wray said the social network’s operations raised national security concerns.

He said there was a risk that Beijing could use it to influence users or control their devices.

Some U.S. states have already banned the use of TikTok on government devices and computer networks.

In a statement, a TikTok spokesperson called the legislation “politically motivated”, and said it would do nothing to advance national security.

Another bipartisan bill has been introduced to limit access to U.S. banks for Huawei Technologies and other Chinese firms.

Lawmakers say the companies are engaged in economic espionage against the U.S.