It's U.S. election day and Britain's in meltdown over Toblerone bars

LONDON — Coming back from holiday and picking up a Toblerone at the airport is a time-honoured British tradition.

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With its sizeable hunks of chocolate and trademark, triangular shape, the spiky Swiss bar has long held a place in the nation's heart.

Recently, though, something happened that immediately caused the tide of public opinion to turn from universal love to total, seething outrage.

Yep: Toblerone changed the shape of their chocolate bar, minimising the chocolate-content by making the gaps between the triangles bigger.

And just like that, the floodgates opened.

People weren't happy. Comments poured in on Toblerone's Facebook page, Twitter went wild, and a Reddit thread in r/unitedkingdom addressing the altered shape received almost 700 comments.

Someone even brought Brexit into the mix.

Eventually, the story made the BBC, and it was clear from the "Most Read" section — on the day of the U.S. presidential elections — just how passionately people feel about the issue.

Basically, people feel really, really passionate about this.

Toblerone issued a statement a few weeks back on their Facebook page to explain the changes — basically, they said it came down to a change in shape or a change in price, and they went for the shape option.

From the looks of social media, though, they may be regretting their decision.

Image: facebook/toblerone

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