Type 'Festivus' Into Google for Surprise for the Rest of Us

Samantha Murphy
December 15, 2012

If you're a fan of Seinfeld, type "Festivus" into Google for a search results surprise "for the rest of us."

Google is known for hiding visual messages in its search when certain keywords are used, such as "Christmas," "Hanukkah," "Kwanzaa" and "let it snow." This year it's embracing the spirit of made-up holiday Festivus.

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Created by the father of Seinfeld character George Costanza, Festivus falls on Dec. 23. It became a running joke throughout the show and is still referenced by fans. The holiday is celebrated with an aluminum pole, instead of a Christmas tree, and includes traditions such as "airing of grievances" and a wrestling match.

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"If you're not big on the holidays, don't forget there's a Festivus for the rest of us," a Google spokesperson told Mashable. "No tinsel, just a sturdy pole."

So go on, type Festivus into Google and look to the left of the search results. For a look at other seasonal surprises featured on tech sites in the past, check out the gallery below.

YouTube Snowflakes

A new snowflake button can be clicked at the bottom right-hand side of certain YouTube videos to drop flurries onto the screen. The snowflakes accumulate at the bottom of the video, even when you hit the pause button.

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