'Thrift Shop' Like You've Never Heard It Before (VIDEO)

Original Song: "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, featuring Wanz

Cover Artist: YouTube stars Tyler Ward, DJ Flula, Pentatonix and Madilyn Bailey

How It's Different: In what may be one of the coolest covers we've heard, Tyler Ward, DJ Flula, Pentatonix and Madilyn Bailey teamed up at VidCon, taking the uber-popular, up-tempo rap song "Thrift Shop," and transforming it into an awesome DJing-acoustic-a cappella jam.

Why We Love It: It's risky business taking a song as well-known as "Thrift Shop," and making it your own, but in this case, the risk paid off. The way this cover was performed, listeners didn't know what to expect, but they somehow managed to make the song sound even more unique. (Special shout-out to Madilyn's solo!)

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Better Than The Original? It's a toss up! Nothing quite compares to the original version, but there's something about this cover that just screams "cool." Plus, Tyler Ward is singing it. Need we say more?

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