Tyler Posey never heard from Teen Wolf Michael J. Fox but did manage to annoy 'Too' star Jason Bateman

Last fall, Tyler Posey wrapped a six-season stretch as the face of MTV’s Teen Wolf, the series that rebooted Michael J. Fox‘s other 1985 movie favorite.

“When the show first started, there were obviously a lot of die-hards for the original Teen Wolf, like, ‘Do not remake it, you can’t redo it,’” Posey told Yahoo Entertainment during a Facebook Live interview along with Lucy Hale, his co-star in the new horror movie Truth or Dare.

One person Posey who didn’t weigh in at any point during the remake’s run was Fox, the Back to the Future and original Teen Wolf star who has worked sparingly since 2000 as conditions from Parkinson’s disease worsened. “I never heard any feedback from him,” Posey said.

Posey, 26, did, however, encounter Jason Bateman, star of the far less celebrated 1987 sequel Teen Wolf Too.

“I met him at the Teen Choice Awards, my first one ever,” Posey recalled of the 2011 ceremony, where Bateman presented with Elizabeth Banks. “I went up to him and said, ‘Hey buddy, I’m a huge fan. I’m the new Teen Wolf, by the way. And then we had a mini discussion about the prosthetic makeup.

“And then he got on stage and there was like a lull in his presentation, and I yelled, ‘Teen Wolf Too!’”

Bateman did not look happy to hear it. Posey, meanwhile, sunk into his chair in embarrassment.

So if you’re reading this, Jason Bateman, please accept Tyler Posey’s apology.

“I’m so sorry, Jason Bateman,” he said. “I love him. He’s just a phenomenal director, and I’m just a huge fan of his. So I like that he did that to me.”

Truth or Dare is now in theaters. Watch our full Facebook Live interview:

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