Tyler Perry Posts Photo With The Same Model Of Car That Was His Shelter When Homeless: ‘So Sweet On The Other Side Of Pain’

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry
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Tyler Perry recently shared that one of the items he owns helps remind him always to be thankful for his blessings.

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On Monday, Perry posted a photo on Instagram of him sitting in a royal blue Geo Metro with a caption explaining why the car is significant to him. It’s a constant reminder of how far he’s come in life.

“Every now and then I take my Geo Metro out for a spin. (When I was homeless it was a car just like this that was my shelter). If looking back at how far you’ve come doesn’t make you thankful, I don’t know what will. There’s no way to be ungrateful when you appreciate every blessing you have. And if you’re still in the struggle please fight on…. It’s so sweet on the other side of pain,” he wrote.

The billionaire’s journey to success and fame wasn’t easy, as it was an act of pure faith.

According to Vibe, the New Orleans native was a high school dropout who worked odd jobs in hospitality, sales and collections. During this time, he dreamed of being a playwright and saved money to bring his heart’s desires to fruition to fund his first play. After stacking $12,000, he used the money to support his first stageplay production, Know I’ve Been Changed. But, unfortunately, he was unable to maintain his apartment rent, became homeless and slept in his car for three months.

His sacrifice paid off, as “Madea,” who Perry played in his stageplays, became a beloved character, and this led to a long-standing deal with Lionsgate. Through that deal, he released 11 movies centered on the fictional character as well as other films that Perry wrote, produced and directed, like Why Did I Get MarriedThe Family That PraysI Can Do Bad All By Myself and more. In addition, he owns a stake in BET+, where he provides a lot of the TV station’s programming.

He eventually opened his film production studio, Tyler Perry Studios, in Atlanta on what used to be a Confederate army base during the Civil War.

His fans responded to his post with praise for Perry remembering his humble beginnings and motivating them to keep going.

“So inspirational…we needed that today! You never know what someone is going through. ‘So sweet on the other side of pain…’,” one commented.

“Thank you i truly needed this reminder it can be very hard when your doing it by yourself… I have to really look and see how far I have came Thank you God 🙏🏽 for truly blessings me,” another agreed.

“Look at GOD 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 love this post,” someone else added.