Tyler Childers releases music video showing tragic gay love story. Country fans react

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A new video by beloved country music singer Tyler Childers tells a tragic gay love story, and country fans say it’s breaking their heart and “making grown men cry.”

The video for “In Your Love” shows two coal miners working in Appalachia who quickly fall in love and buy a farmhouse together.

They support each other through homophobic attacks they encounter on the job and in their rural town, but the story turns tragic when one of them falls ill — presumably from working conditions in the coal mines.

“Tyler is out here making grown men cry at 9am on a Thursday,” someone commented under the video on YouTube.

Fans shared similar sentiments across social media.

“Nothing like having my heart broken before noon,” someone commented under the music video on Childers’ TikTok.

“Video was touching, had me bawling before noon as well,” someone agreed.

Another person said the “video had (them) sobbing at 8:30 in the dang morning.”

Of course, not everyone loved the idea behind the video.

Someone on YouTube suggested people who enjoyed the video aren’t “real men” and that they would “stand up against this kind of stuff” if they were.

Another person said on TikTok they were “sad to see Tyler lean this way.”

“He done went woke,” they wrote. But others pointed out the singer has long been outspoken about his progressive views.

The Kentucky native released a song addressing systemic racism in 2020, McClatchy News previously reported.

Some people compared the music video to Jason Aldean’s latest video for “Try That In a Small Town,” which has stirred controversy after complaints of pro-gun lyrics and “racist undertones,” McClatchy News reported.

“I love this song and video so much,” someone commented, referring to Childers’ video. “In a world full of Jason Aldeans be a Tyler Childers.”

“Well this is going to rock the country world! (Jason Aldean tiptoes out of the room),” someone else wrote.

Childers told NPR he was inspired to tell a gay love story because his cousin — who is like a big brother to him — is gay.

“He taught me so much about singing; he was my first tough critic,” Childers told the station. “And just thinking about him not having a music video on CMT that spoke to him.”

Country music fans shared on social media how meaningful the representation was, especially coming from a country artist.

“Loving a genre that doesn’t always love you back is difficult, so this means so very much to so many,” someone said on TikTok.

Another agreed.

“I’m crying, because I’ve never seen a story like mine set to a country song. Always loved country, too,” someone wrote on YouTube.

Some said they were grateful for the representation of rural America as well.

“Queer representation in rural areas is so lacking,” they said. “This is beautiful.”

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