Two Robotaxis Crash Into The Same Truck

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Two Robotaxis Crash Into The Same Truck
Two Robotaxis Crash Into The Same Truck

On the same day in 2023, two Waymo driverless taxis hit the same truck but we’re just now hearing about this. The company has just issued a recall for its controversial robotaxis, even though it insists the odd incident last year was a “rare scenario.”

Angry mob torches robotaxi.

Of course, Waymo is trying to spin this incident as positively as possible. The company made a big deal in a blog post announcing the recall about how it was doing so voluntarily. If you know how these sorts of things work, that’s how many vehicle recalls happen, so the hoopla is just a show.

According to Waymo, this incident in question happened back on December 11, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. The company is quick to point out the two crashes resulted in zero injuries and “minor vehicle damage.” We wonder just how minor the owner of the truck thought it was at the time.

What’s more, Waymo says it updated the software in all its vehicles from December 20 and January 12. As we know from owning phones, computers, etc. updates always fix all issues, so there’s nothing to worry about. The company also really wants you to know its robotaxi service wasn’t interrupted in Phoenix or elsewhere.

Waymo needs to reassure its fan base and anyone who’s considered hopping into one of its taxis that they are in fact impeccably safe. After all, it’s poured considerable resources into getting Gen Z influencers to take mind-numbingly silly videos of them riding cross-legged in the back of the autonomous taxis in an attempt to make them look hip and relevant.

There have been other incidents with robotaxis in the past, although not all of them involve Waymo. Supporters will say relative to vehicles operated by human drivers they’re few, and fortunately only a few have involved fatalities, but we find it interesting that San Francisco is home to quite the counter autonomous car movement, and it seems to be intensifying.

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