Two pro-Russian politicians flew to Vienna to meet with Ukrainian oligarch under suspicion – source

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According to sources of Ukrainska Pravda, Ukrainian parliamentarians Serhii Liovochkin and Hryhorii Surkis of the banned pro-Russian Opposition Platform — For Life faction flew to Vienna in the spring to meet with oligarch Dmytro Firtash, who is under suspicion of Ukrainian law enforcement officers [for large-scale gas-related fraud committed at the expense of the government – ed.].

Source: investigation by Ukrainska Pravda; Monaco Battalion 3

Details: Ukrainska Pravda journalists documented the presence of Serhii Liovochkin and Hryhorii Surkis, members of the banned pro-Russian Opposition Platform — For Life political party, in Nice (France) in April 2023.

According to sources of Ukrainska Pravda in political circles, Surkis and Liovochkin got permission to leave Ukraine for official reasons – "for parliament-related activity".

The press service of Liovochkin replied to Ukrainska Pravda that he resides in Ukraine on a permanent basis, and has left the country only twice – for knee surgery and on a business trip.

After holding official meetings, Liovochkin indeed flew to Nice airport for further relocation to the clinic for postoperative monitoring.



At the same time, Surkis and Liovochkin first visited Vienna, where, according to sources of Ukrainska Pravda in business circles, they met with Ukrainian pro-Russian oligarch Dmytro Firtash.

Surkis was also spotted at the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. Surkisʼ Mercedes was noticed near the casino regularly.

The sources of Ukrainska Pravda state that another member of the former Opposition Platform — For Life party, Vadym Stolar, also managed to leave the country. He ended up on the Cote d'Azur as well.

Stolar rents an estate on Cap-Ferrat and drives a Lamborghini Urus with Czech licence plates.

Stolar's estate on Cap-Ferrat




  • On 15 May, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Bureau of Economic Security served notices of suspicion on businessman Dmytro Firtash and eight top managers of his companies. Five defendants, including the oligarch himself and Tiutiunnyk [head of one of Firtash’s companies – ed.] were charged in absentia, as they are hiding from justice abroad.

  • Law enforcement officers exposed the scheme by which the structures controlled by Firtash bought fuel from his own company but received 30% of the volume.

  • The artificial deficit was covered by state gas, and the money settled in Firtash's pockets. According to preliminary data, over seven years, such a scheme has cost the country's budget UAH 18 billion [roughly US$487 million].

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