Two Paris suicide bombers traveled via Greece: Prosecutor

PARIS (Reuters) - Two of the bombers who blew themselves up at a soccer stadium in Paris last Friday during attacks that killed 130 people traveled to Greece together, prosecutors in the French capital said on Friday. One of the suicide bombers at the Stade de France in the northern suburb of St. Denis had been identified from a Syrian passport found near his body as Ahmad al-Mohammad, though it was not clear whether the passport was genuine, or had been stolen. Reuters reported on Tuesday that the passport holder, who arrived in Greece alongside 198 refugees by boat from Turkey on Oct. 3, may have been traveling with an accomplice. In a statement on Friday, the Paris prosecutor said the suicide bomber who detonated his explosive vest at Gate H of the stadium had his fingerprints taken in Greece on Oct. 3, at the same time as the bomber who blew himself up at Gate D. A counter-intelligence source in Macedonia told Reuters that Mohammad was still traveling with a companion two days after reaching the Greek port of Piraeus. They registered together at a refugee camp in the backyard of an old tobacco plant in the Serbian town of Presevo, though Serbian officials have not mentioned an accomplice. (Reporting by David Clarke; editing by John Irish)