Two New Hampshire men rescued after clinging to boat for 14 hours

Eric Pfeiffer
Yahoo NewsOctober 19, 2013
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After more than 14 hours of desperately clinging to the side of their capsized boat, two men were rescued by a local fishing boat off the coast of Salem Sound, Massachusetts on Saturday morning.

"My best friend was with me and we kind of dealt with it the best way we could," George Reynolds told WCVB-TV. "We knew it would be a long night and we knew our best chance was to stay with the boat and to not panic."

Salem Harbormaster Bill McHugh said that Reynolds and Fred Schaeffer did not appear to have a waterproof communications device that would have allowed them to call for help after their boat capsized. They also were forced to survive in the icy waters without a life jacket, which they was lost as they tried to signal a boat earlier in their ordeal.

Photographer Stanley Forman captured an image of the two men leaving the scene afterward, amazingly both appearing to be in good health.

"Life jackets should be worn, especially this time of year. Temperatures are only 58 degrees. The good news is -- is that they were in remarkably good condition when they came out," McHugh said.

At daybreak, a boat of passing fisherman spotted the capsized 25-foot boat and quickly rescued the two men. Although Reynolds and Schaeffer were treated at the scene, they somehow managed to escape their traumatic ordeal without any serious injuries. After a quick check-up, they were reportedly released and allowed to return to their homes.

"Fortunately through a lot of prayer we were rescued," Schaeffer said.