Two more countries join EU joint munitions procurement initiative

Already 20 countries will buy ammunition for Ukraine
Already 20 countries will buy ammunition for Ukraine

“As of today, 19 member states of the European Union and Norway have already joined this project,” said Kuleba.

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“That is, 20 countries that will be involved in one form or another in the joint production of 155 caliber ammunition, which is extremely necessary for Ukraine.”

During his meeting with Landsbergis, Kuleba thanked Lithuania for spearheading the project.

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“We coordinated further steps to deliver artillery shells to Ukraine as soon as possible within this pan-European mechanism so that it would work effectively,” Kuleba said.

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On March 20, 17 EU countries and Norway signed an agreement on joint purchases of ammunition for Ukraine and their own national stocks. According to Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, the program will procure 1 million of shells.

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