Two El Bulli protegés make 'Time' magazine's top 100 list

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Chef Rene Redzepi of Danish restaurant Noma features in a documentary called 'Ants on a Shrimp.'

Chefs René Redzepi and José Andrés have been named two of Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the world.

In a glowing blurb of his former protégé, Spanish chef legend Ferran Adrià calls René Redzepi a trailblazer at the “apex of the culinary world” --  words once used to describe Adrià himself.

It’s the second time this year that Danish chef Redzepi, owner of what’s been called the best restaurant in the world, has graced the pages of Time. He was also featured on the cover of the April issue as a “Locavore Hero,” in the international editions.

“With his restaurant Noma, René, 34, has already done something historic,” writes Adrià. “He has placed Copenhagen and the Nordic countries on the global map of gastronomy.”

In a statement that also takes a subtle jab at the notion of ranking the best chefs and restaurants in the world –- “There is no such thing as the best ” –- Adrià concedes, however, that what’s irrefutable is Redzepi’s widespread influence in the culinary world.

The 34-year-old is credited with pioneering the notion of foraging for one’s food, as much of the herbs and plants he uses come from the wild Danish countryside.

Andrés, who owns Washington DC restaurants Jaleo and Minibar,  also made the final cut for his anti-hunger and anti-poverty philanthropy. World Central Kitchen, for instance, is described as an international think tank that tries to find creative solutions for feeding the world’s hungry.

Last year, he was named Outstanding Chef at the James Beard Foundation Awards. Interestingly, Andrés also trained under Adrià at El Bulli.

In a tribute to his friend and colleague, food writer and TV personality Anthony Bourdain wrote, “He is advocate, promoter, entrepreneur, philanthropist, artist. Keep up with him at your peril.”

Meanwhile, David Chang of the Momofuku empire was nominated this year but failed to make the final cut.
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