Two California residents break world record by watching The Simpsons

Alexandra Myers - The Daily Caller

Half-an-hour of “The Simpsons” was not enough for two California residents who broke the Guinness World Record for continuous television watching after viewing 86 hours and 37 minutes of the animated sitcom, reported The NY Daily News.

Jermiah Franco, 22, and Carin Shreve, 33, beat out 100 contestants in a competition hosted by Fox, held February 8-12 in Los Angeles.

Franco said it was the second day that fatigue really started to kick in. “That’s when I started to use the 5-Hour Energy drinks. That’s when it hit me that this was going to be harder than I thought.”

For the first two and a half days, the contestants were given a ten-minute break every two hours. After that, they had a choice of either taking a five-minute break every hour or a ten-minute break every two hours. (ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Chris Brown’s new pickup line is ‘I promise I won’t beat you’??)

Being caught nodding off was an instant disqualification and contestants were kicked out of the competition. Franco and Shreve had to get creative.

“I’d have to stand up and do jumping jacks,” Franco said, “I was playing bongos on an Apple box that I’d found there just to keep myself moving and just to keep my brain conscious.”

Despite the need for sleep and the unpleasant odor that overcame the marathon area, the two said that they considered the experience enjoyable. Along with the world record title, the two earned themselves an array of Simpsons’ paraphernalia and a $10, 500 prize.

That’s a lot of “d’oh!’

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