Two arrested, one injured after car crashes into Appleton apartment building

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Two people are in custody, and one person suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to the Appleton Police Department, after a car crashed into an Appleton apartment building at 1835 West Pershing Street.

It is a dead-end street, and a witness said that the victim’s luck ran out when he reached the end of the road.

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“He was running, trying to get away from this car,” Titus Howard said. The car was chasing him down really fast. It jumped the curb—you can see the dirt tracks here—and he bulldozed the car and the man into this house right here. It broke the brick wall, the glass, everything. It was crazy.”

Howard said there were several people inside the car and that they ran away after the car crashed.

“They just hopped out, got on foot, took up, and got out of there,” Howard said. It was like seven of them.”

According to police, the incident is still being investigated, and no other suspects have been sought.

“The case resulted in the arrest of two individuals. There was an individual with non-life-threatening injuries. There are no other suspects,” the statement read.

Howard said that from what he saw and heard, this may have been a personal dispute between the suspects and the victim.

“He was running down the street for probably two blocks,” Howard said. “He said it was [Facebook] Marketplace. They were trying to rob him.”

Howard was shocked by the speed of the crash and the injury that it allegedly caused.

“He had a gash up his back like his back was split open,” he said. “[The car] had to be going like 45 miles per hour. It was crazy. He was trying to hurt him.”

A&W Towing truck operator Tyler Lind pulled the car out of the apartment, which sustained a shattered sliding glass door and bricks knocked loose. He says a car traveling that far off the road, especially on a slow residential street, is either caused by a medical emergency or is intentional.

“It’s being handled as it’s intentional. It’s not being handled as your average accident,” Lind said. “It’s not often we get a vehicle that’s hit a building, especially that far off the road.”

Lind says the damage is extensive to both the car and the building.

“It had driven into the building, into the patio door, and slammed into the wall,” he said. “The car’s going to be totaled with how far the front end was pushed.”

Tegan Nicolas was playing video games in his apartment next door when he saw the car dart past his window. Then, he sprang into action, calling 911.

“It got my heart racing because I didn’t know the situation. I didn’t know how many people were hurt,” he said. And even though it is a dead-end street, “I feel like there’s always something happening over here.”

Alex Kobs was across the street, watching TV, when the quiet night suddenly erupted with a noise he will not forget.

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“I’ve heard a few sounds around the neighborhood, but that crunch was pretty loud,” he said. “I saw somebody either run over the hood or jump through the window, and they started taking off that way.”

Police continue to investigate the incident, and the car has been impounded at the station as evidence.

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