Twitter Surpasses 200 Million Tweets Per Day

Ben Parr

Twitter has achieved a new milestone: Its users now send 200 million tweets per day.

To demonstrate just how large a number that is, Twitter decided to do the math and see how many books could be written with 200 million tweets. According to its calculations, a day's worth of tweets would be enough to write a 10-million-page book or 8,163 copies of War and Peace. Every second, 2,400 tweets are sent through Twitter's servers, enough for 1.4 billion tweets per week.

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Twitter surpassed 50 million tweets per day less than a year-and-a-half ago, and two years ago, Twitter users sent just 10 million tweets per day.

Twitter is growing at a rapid pace -- and that's why it is worth around $10 billion. It still has a ways to go before it reaches Facebook and its 750 million users though .

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What do you think of Twitter's new milestone?

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