Twitter, by the numbers

Micro-blogging site Twitter says it filed with the SEC for a public offering, though it did so in a way that allowed it to keep the details secret for now. The move comes as the last big IPO, Facebook, is finally marching to new highs. Conway G. Gittens reports.

2006: The year Twitter was founded

4: Number of founders (Jack Dorsey, Ev Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass)

140: The maximum number of characters in a tweet

40404: The phone number you can text to send a tweet

10958: The phone number Twitter’s founders originally used, before ditching it for something more memorable

208: Average number of Twitter followers per user, according to an October 2012 study

102: Average number of accounts that a Twitter user follows, according to the same study

20,000: Number of tweets sent per day in March 2007

400,000,000: Number of tweets sent per day, in March 2013

300,000: Tweets per minute during Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs

143,199: Tweets per second, during a screening of “Castle in the Sky” in Japan this summer, which set the record for tweet volume

3,051: Tweets per second at the conclusion of the 2010 World Cup, which was the record at that time

500,000,000: Number of Twitter users, per one March estimate

20,000,000: Number of fake Twitter accounts, per the New York Times, in April 2013

54,365: Number of verified accounts, which Twitter uses to "establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands on Twitter," as of Sept. 12.

40: Percentage of Twitter users who read the service but don’t tweet, per Twitter in 2011

25: Percentage of Twitter users who have never tweeted, per a 2012 study

74: Percentage of Twitter users between the ages of 15 and 25, per the same study

999,999,999: Maximum number of dollars, in revenue, that Twitter had in 2012. (Twitter was allowed to file for a “Secret IPO,” which means its maximum revenue for the previous year was $1 billion.)

170 billion: Number of tweets archived by the Library of Congress, as of January 2013

44,447,830: Followers for Justin Bieber, the most followed person on Twitter

42,644,973: Followers for Katy Perry, the second-most followed person on Twitter

40,099,896: Followers for Lady Gaga, the third-most followed person on Twitter

36,523,902: Followers for Barack Obama, the fourth-most followed person on Twitter

793,951: Retweets for this tweet — Barack Obama’s victory tweet — which is the most retweeted tweet of all time.

7,382: The number of Twitter followers that @YahooTech has. You can follow us on Twitter right here.