Twitter to Start War on Instagram In Time for Christmas

Holidays seem to be Instagram's bread and butter, so it makes sense that Twitter would fire their first shot in the war on Instagram when the app is at its most vulnerable. 

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If we learned anything from Thanksgiving, it's that people love to Instagram their holidays. Turkeys, stuffing, table settings: you Amaro'd it all. It was the service's best day ever. There were 10 million pictures Instagrammed on Thanksgiving. So it's not a logistical stretch to imagine the holiday season -- Hanukkah starts tonight! --  will be big business for Instagram, too. Christmas day will probably be especially big since it combines dinner, like Thanksgiving, and presents. (Also: check your Instagram feed right now and you're sure to see at least 3 Christmas trees.)

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And so comes a report from AllThingsD's Mike Isaac saying Twitter will launch its own photo filters on time for Christmas, likely to try and capitalize on that rush of OMG I got a cool thing! photo-sharing. Instagram stopped their photos from being shown on Twitter, because they want people on their site. The move makes enough sense, because Instagram is owned by Facebook and not Twitter, but it still sucks for the rest of us. The two companies are now in a budding rivalry over photo-sharing, so this is it, it's war, we guess. 

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If you're having trouble watching these two former friends fight, please read The Atlantic Wire's Rebecca Greenfield's guide to getting over it. The holidays is no place for rivalries. Didn't Jingle All The Way teach you people anything?