Twitter Parody Channels Anger over Big Ben Name Change

Christine Erickson
Twitter Parody Channels Anger over Big Ben Name Change

The Palace of Westminister's iconic clock tower, Big Ben Tower, was officially renamed Elizabeth Tower on Tuesday in honor of Queen Elizabeth's 60th year on the throne. (Big Ben itself, the great bell inside the tower, keeps his name.)

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Still, like clockwork, another parody account was made in response.

The account, , is not pleased about the 153 year-old landmark's name change. Check it out:

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The account jokingly to be the "English translation" of an older Big Ben Twitter parody, -- which has nearly 250,000 followers, yet only tweets "BONG" various times.

However the real person behind the account is an intern at .

"We started joking about it in the office, and I thought I'd take the fun to Twitter and see what kind of reaction I'd receive," the account's creator told Mashable.

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