Twitter Music for iPhone barely outshines Nokia’s last iOS app

Tero Kuittinen
BGR News

Twitter Music iPhone Top-100
Twitter Music iPhone Top-100

It is difficult for big tech companies to create hot apps. Very difficult. A few months ago, Nokia’s mapping app called HERE created a big media splash when it launched, becoming a top-5 iPhone app the day after it debuted. It then tumbled out of top-100 in just six days. Twitter’s much-hyped music app annoyingly titled “Twitter #music” managed to cling onto a top-100 position 96 hours longer — it dropped out on its tenth day.

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Being slightly more successful than Nokia at creating iPhone apps is one of those honors that sounds vaguely like a punch line. And to add insult to injury, two of the hottest apps in the App Store right now are “Robot Unicorn Attack 2″ and “Face Swap!” Both are precisely as moronic as they sound. The latter was published by Iddiction, which looks suspiciously like a contraction of “idiot addiction.”

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How can massive corporations run by highly sophisticated, middle-aged executives possibly comprehend the rules of the app market?

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