Twitter Mourns Twinkies: 140 Cream-Filled Characters of Sadness

Annie Colbert

The Twinkies' spongey, beef fat-reinforced exterior may be able to survive a nuclear holocaust, but it looks like the iconic dessert can't survive a labor strike.

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Hostess Brands Inc. announced plans to shut down on Friday, 10 months after filing for bankruptcy for the second time in the past 10 years. News of Hostess and its line of sweet cake treats' demise had Twitter grieving the loss of an American food staple.

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In reaction to the tummyache-inducing news, some Twitter users lashed out at Michelle Obama for her healthy eating initiatives. Others dealt with their cream-filled blues by making jokes to hide their pain.

We gathered some of our favorite Twinkie tweets below to help you deal with this travesty of snack food.

The Twinkie weeping also extended to YouTube, where an 11-year-old shared his "Ode to Hostess."

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1. Twinkies

Craving the iconic Twinkies? With various types of flour, sugar and corn syrup -- shown in this video's description -- you can make your own snack.

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