Twitter index: Tweeps share pictures of themselves, Sergio Ramos's sky-high penalty kick

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Real Madrid's defender Sergio Ramos

Microbloggers are reflecting on the past and posting images of their younger selves while sharing a funny story or telling their followers what they used to enjoy doing when they were children.

While the majority of posts include links to images, many people are forgoing photos and tweeting that, “It's ironic how the entire childhood of @JustinBieber was recorded, when I can hardly find a picture of me when I was a year old.”

Tweeps are making fun of Spanish soccer player Sergio Ramos after the Real Madrid player kicked the ball way over the net during a penalty shoot-out against Bayern Munich. Real Madrid subsequently lost the match and their spot in the Champions League final.

“BREAKING NEWS: Sergio Ramos' Penalty just landed on the moon,” joke microbloggers, “Oh my god!! What is that? Is it a shooting star? ... Is it UFO? ... Oh no, it's just a champions league football.”

The Twittersphere is filling with posts about the good things in life. Some of the things Twitterers believe are good are “Music , I can't live a day without it,” “having someone that understands you, listens, gives you advice, and actually cares” and “couples that can be married for years and years and still love each other.”

Tweeps are changing the name of popular movie titles to create prison-themed titles such as “Lock, lock and two broken locks,” “You've Got Bail” and “The Sixth Sentence” with fourth place hashtag #PrisonMovies.

Ms. Jerry, a character from the American TV show Martin, is trending in second place, the name of former President of Liberia Charles Taylor is in seventh place, and the movies “Dead Presidents” and “Malcolm X” are in eighth and tenth places.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 26 at 6:30 AM GMT are:

  1. A Picture Of Me When I Was
  2. Ms. Jerry
  3. #onubosverde
  4. #PrisonMovies
  5. #GoodThingsInTheWorld
  6. Fenerbahçe CAS
  7. Charles Taylor
  8. Dead Presidents
  9. Sergio Ramos
  10. Malcolm X