Twitter index: Aboriginal musician Jimmy Little dies

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Twitter index: Aboriginal musician Jimmy Little dies

Australian Aboriginal country music singer Jimmy Little -- the first indigenous Australian to top the Australian music charts -- has died, aged 75.

“RIP JimmyLittle. Our thoughts are with his loved ones,” “A groundbreaking Australian with a magical voice. Gone today, at 75. Rest well” and “Farewell James Oswald ‘Jimmy’ Little. You were one of our very finest Australian musicians,” read micro tributes to the Aussie icon.

Twitterers report that 32 passengers were killed in a plane crash in Tyumen (“Тюменью”), Siberia.

Fans of Canadian pop star Justin Bieber are wishing his mom Pattie Mallette a happy birthday with sixth place term “Happy Birthday Pattie.”

Microbloggers in the US are tuned into the American sketch comedy TV show “Loiter Squad.”

“Lurking and po-po have to be the most hilarious [Loiter Squad] skits by far,” say Twitterers as they post a running commentary of the show.

The hashtag “#IndirectasSexuales” (Spanish for “sexual innuendo”) tops the chart and is followed by the hashtags “#DarkskinHeaven” and “#SalamatGod” (Tagalog for “thank god”).

The movie “Alley Cats Strike” is in fourth place and the HBO series “Real Sex” is in fifth place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on April 2 at 6:30 AM GMT are:

  1. #IndirectasSexuales (new)
  2. #DarkskinHeaven (new)
  3. #SalamatGod (new)
  4. Alley Cats Strike (new)
  5. Real Sex (new)
  6. Happy Birthday Pattie (new)
  7. Jimmy Little (new)
  8. Loiter Squad (new)
  9. Po-Po (new)
  10. Тюменью (new)