Twitter co-founder tweets Iranian president, asks, 'Are citizens of Iran able to read your tweets?'

Dylan Stableford
Yahoo News
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani takes his chair before a news conference at the Millennium Hotel in midtown Manhattan, Friday, Sept. 27, 2013, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

In an unusual public display involving a world leader, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey exchanged tweets with Iranian President Hasan Rouhani on Tuesday, asking him when his country's people would have greater access to social media.

Later, Rouhani — or whoever operates the president's Twitter account — replied, referencing a recent interview Rouhani gave to CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

Dorsey retweeted Rouhani's response, adding:

In the interview with Amanpour, Rouhani insisted Iran's Internet access was improving.

"All my efforts are geared to ensure that the people of Iran will comfortably be able to access all information globally and to use it," he said.

"There are large social networks at a global level around today," Rouhani continued, "and I believe that all human beings have a right, and all nations have a right, to use them."

He added that both his supporters and critics are active on social media.

"And I always welcome their views on these networks as well as those who criticize me," Rouhani said, "because the government does need to be open to criticism."