Turned on power generator indoors: two families poisoned by gas in Kyiv Oblast

A family turned on a power generator indoors in the Bucha district of Kyiv Oblast. A man died of carbon monoxide poisoning, while his wife survived but suffered from gas poisoning. Another case of poisoning took place in Hostomel.

Source: Andrii Niebytov, the Head of National Police in Kyiv Oblast, on Telegram

Quote:  In the village of Bobrytsia, Kyiv Oblast, a family used a generator for lighting; the device was located right in the room. As a result of poisoning, the head of the family died, the doctors managed to hospitalise his wife."

Details: Niebytov has reported that another family was poisoned by carbon monoxide in Hostomel. According to him, first, a 72-year-old lady became ill, then a 4-year-old granddaughter felt sick; conditions of a 12-year-old girl and her 48-year-old father worsened, too.


Andrii Nebytov, the Head of National Police in Kyiv Oblast, urged people not to ignore the instructions for the operation of power generators and heating systems.

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