Turn Old Jewelry Into Gift Magnets

If you?re lucky enough to be faced with the problem of too much jewelry, we have an idea for you! Use those vintage brooches or cheap costume jewelry to create fun, sparkly magnets for your fridge! Use your imagination to put together little landscapes and scenes. (We made a series of flower magnets.) It?s a quick and easy way to put a new spin on your old pieces.


  • Magnetic Sheet

  • Vintage or costume brooches, earrings or pendants

  • Stick-on gems


  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut a piece of the magnetic sheet to the size you would like your magnet to be.

  2. Arrange your jewelry pieces on your magnet. We made flowers, using brooches and earrings as the flower heads, leaf shaped brooches as the leaves and little stick on gems as the stems.

  3. Glue the jewelry in place and stick a little bling on your fridge!

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