Turkey authorities impose lockdown at Incirlik air base: US consulate

US and other coalition forces are using the Incirlik air base to launch bombing raids against jihadists in Syria (AFP Photo/Tobias Schwarz) (Pool/AFP/File)

Istanbul (AFP) - Turkish authorities on Saturday imposed a security lockdown at the Incirlik air base in the southern province of Adana used by US and other coalition forces in the fight against jihadists in Syria, the US consulate said.

"Local authorities are denying movements on to and off of Incirlik Air Base. The power there has also been cut," the US consulate in Adana said in a message after an coup attempt aimed at toppling the government was thwarted by the authorities.

"Please avoid the air base until normal operations have been restored," it added, without giving further details.

There was no indication for the reason of the lockdown by the Turkish authorities. But it came as security forces were arrested thousands of Turkish soldiers across the country for involvement in the coup.

After months of negotiations, Turkey last year agreed to allow the United States to use Incirlik to carry out lethal raids against jihadists in Syria and it has since become a key hub.