Tumblr Rolls Out Photoset to Make Beautiful Photo Collections

Samantha Murphy
Tumblr Rolls Out Photoset to Make Beautiful Photo Collections
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1. Celebrity Googly Eyes

Micro-blogging site Tumblr has rolled out a new iOS app and photo-sharing platform called Photoset, which allows users to create new ways to play with picture layouts.

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The company launched Photoset.com on Thursday, along with its free Photoset app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, to make it easy to share collections of pictures online.

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To do so, users can tap and drag pictures from their camera roll or via the app to lay out their photoset. Pictures then need to be uploaded to a Tumblr blog or Photoset.com to share with others. The standalone website allows anyone to create a photoset, even if you're not a Tumblr user.

"Photosets have been one of our favorite additions to Tumblr," the company said on its official blog. "You’ve surprised us a thousand times over with your creativity. It’s hard to imagine Tumblr without photos, and we love the power a set of photos has to tell a story."

Mashable reporter Alex Fitzpatrick already tried out the feature with some of his New York City pictures -- click here to see his photoset

What do you think of Photoset.com and the new app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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1. Celebrity Googly Eyes

Adding Googly eyes to inanimate objects. or Eyebombing has become a popular photo trend. But this site takes it a step further by placing animated eyeballs on celebrities.

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