Tucker Carlson seemed to have no idea he was hosting his last show on Fox News, and ended it by eating a sausage and pineapple pizza

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  • The last "Tucker Carlson Tonight" episode aired on Fox News on Friday, April 21.

  • He seemed to have no idea it was his last show. The network said Monday they "agreed to part ways."

  • Carlson's final show covered Hunter Biden, racist home appraisals, inclusive Mother's Day cards, and pizza.

Tucker Carlson began his last show with a quick aside to a tried-and-true villain on his show: Hunter Biden.

The Fox News host seemed to have no idea Friday would be his last time helming "Tucker Carlson Tonight." The network announced on Monday they "agreed to part ways."

On Friday, Carlson spent more than 10 minutes railing against the Biden administration's plan to tackle racist home appraisals.

Then he turned to the president's son again, spending a few minutes on a development in the Hunter Biden laptop saga, before expressing outrage that law enforcement haven't released the manifesto of the Nashville shooter who killed three adults and three children at a private Christian school last month.

Carlson also spent time covering immigration, fentanyl, the casting of "Queen Cleopatra", inclusive Mother's Day cards, and the Pentagon leak.

tucker carlson interviews a guest on tucker carlson tonight on fox news
One of the segments on Tucker Carlson's last show was about inclusive Mother's Day cards.Fox News

Carlson told viewers he'd be 'back on Monday'

In his final segment on the show, Carlson ate pizza with the Pennsylvania delivery man who thwarted a fleeing suspect.

The guest, Tyler Morell, said he brought a special "Tucker's pie" that had sausage and pineapple on it, joking that it was a "criminal" combination.

"You're right, it is a disgusting order, but I have no shame," Carlson said.

"That's it for us for the week; we'll be back," he told viewers before promoting a show he made for Fox Nation called "Let them eat bugs."

His final words on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" before digging into another bite of pizza were: "We'll be back on Monday. In the meantime, have the best weekend with the ones that you love, and we'll see you then."

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