"They are trying to move along at night. We are murdering them": Russians confess to killing civilians Security Service of Ukraine

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The Russian invaders do not hesitate to shoot civilians trying to escape the temporarily occupied territories.

Source: new telephone conversations between occupying forces’ troops, intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine

Quote from aggressor: "They have nowhere to go now, they try to pass by at night. We are murdering them. I do not feel sorry for them, even for the peaceful population. Anyone who wanted to leave already done it. So, we don’t care and we murder them".

Details: The Security Service of Ukraine clarifies that the unit this soldier belongs to is still positioned in the east of Ukraine and is exterminating Ukrainians who are trying to save their skins and escape from their "saviours". The soldier’s wife remarks that she does not feel sorry for Ukrainian civilians.

The Security Service of Ukraine notes that it is systematically documenting these and other gross violations of the laws and customs of war by the Russian army for international courts.