The Truth About Baby Carrots May or May Not Shock You — You’re Wasting Your Money

Those cute, bright little orange torpedoes sold to us as baby carrots are actually not vegetational sucklings at all, according to the Huffington Post.

Hold your ranch dip tight, because here we go: They’re just products of shaven down lumpy, ugly adult carrots.

That means you’ve been paying up to three times or more money for less carroty goodness, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In 1986, California farmer Mike Yurosek created the bite-sized snacks as a response to supermarkets rejecting imperfect carrots. To do so, Yurosek put some carrots into an industrial green bean cutter and then a potato peeler. And America has never looked back.

Nowadays, baby carrots make up 70% of carrot sales, probably due to their easy snacking quality, the Washington Post reported.

But it’s not entirely bad. Since the introduction of baby carrots, the carrot industry has become more efficient, as giving the less cute carrots new life as baby carrots have reduced the levels of waste, according to the Washington Post.

Here’s how baby carrots are actually made:


Source: FruitandVeggieMan/YouTube


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