Trump's economics speech full of protests and whiplash-inducing flip-flops

Make America Grow Again. 

That's what Donald Trump wants Americans to believe his economic plan will do for the nation. And in a speech about that plan in Detroit on Monday, he tried to adopt a measured persona to show he knows enough about economics to become president. 

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But the Republican presidential nominee's actual, teleprompter-read words were often Hillary Clinton-bashing, devoid of specifics and caused many viewers a double-take. 

The speech was marred by a series of interruptions by protesters — at least 12 times, by our count — including one person shouting out "all you got is tiny hands!" 

Despite this, Trump kept a tight-lipped face and gave no indication that he was aware he was contradicting and undermining himself sentence after sentence. 

On jobs, he criticized China for having no environmental regulations while extolling the virtues of coal. 

He said that the Democratic presidential nominee will support the Trans-Pacific Partnership, something he has railed against, and yet...

The GOP candidate also spent a lot of time linking President Barack Obama to Clinton, saying Detroit — which filed for bankruptcy in 2013 — is an example of failed economic policies. 

But once upon a time...

Early on in Trump's speech, the candidate directed viewers to his website if they wanted to learn more about his tax plan, which he also said the campaign would release more information on in days to come. 

And while he does have pages dedicated to healthcare reform and paying for "the wall," information on his tax plan has vanished.

His speech, however, was already available in full