Trump's bond cut to $175 million in civil fraud case

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The News

Donald Trump was given a reprieve after weeks of struggling to put together a roughly half-billion dollar bond in a New York fraud case, when an appeals court agreed Monday to cut the bond to $175 million. Trump had said he would need to sell properties to raise the cash.

The decision came as Trump faced a deadline to either pay the $454 million fine or post a bond for 120% of that amount while he appealed the ruling. It will allow Trump to appeal without the risk of his assets being seized by New York authorities.

Trump now has 10 days to obtain the $175 million bond, and two people with knowledge of his finances told The New York Times that they were confident he would be able to secure it in that time. Bloomberg has estimated that Trump has a net worth of approximately $3.1 billion, but a large part of it is tied up in assets such as real estate.