One of Trump's SCOTUS picks has trolled him on Twitter for nearly a year

Donald Trump released the names of his potential picks for the Supreme Court on Wednesday. And at least one of them, Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett, doesn’t appear to view the presumptive Republican nominee with the same regard.

Willett, one of 11 judges on Trump’s list, has a rather extensive history of mocking the brash billionaire on Twitter. The justice is something of a social media maven and frequently tweets out jokes and memes.

Last August, Willett tweeted that he’d rather “vote for Deez Mutts” than for Trump or Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

The 49-year-old, who has served on the Texas Supreme Court since 2005, frequently mimics Trump’s attack lines.

On Easter, Willett figuratively face-palmed the prospect of a President Trump.

Last month, Willett skewered Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S. southern border and have Mexico pay for it.

And shortly after Trump launched his presidential campaign, Willett wondered who the former “Celebrity Apprentice” star might nominate to the nation’s highest court.

Reached in Austin on Wednesday, Willett declined to comment after he was informed his name was on Trump’s SCOTUS shortlist, telling reporters he was “exercising judicial restraint.”