Trump touts Republican leads, thanks media as vote count continues

On Tuesday evening, former President Donald Trump spoke to crowds gathered at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla. In brief remarks, Trump complimented several Republican candidates for their performance and, in an uncharacteristic move, thanked members of the media for their coverage of the midterm elections.

Video Transcript

PRESIDENT TRUMP: In Ohio, Vance is now leading 52-47. And we had an incredible rally last night in Ohio. And you saw that in Florida, Marco Rubio, we had an unbelievable rally for Marco the night before with the heaviest rain I've ever been involved with. I was up there-- It was beautiful, everything. This is the tropics, right, Florida. It was so beautiful. It was the most beautiful night. And all of a sudden, it turned deadly dark and it was like you had massive pails of water that just fell on top of me. We went through the worst storm, but we gutted it out. I had no teleprompters. We had 45,000 people out there. We had no teleprompter and I said, I wonder what Biden would do right now? But we gutted it out and it was amazing. But Marco had a fantastic evening at 58 to 41. That's really tremendous. That's as of this moment.

Katie Britt. I want to congratulate Katie Britt. We endorsed Katie and she did fantastically, 68 to 30. That means she has a future. Young and just a fantastic woman with a husband who's great. He was maybe the largest human being I've ever seen. He was an offensive lineman in the NFL for a long time and a great football player. Actually played for Alabama. But Katie, congratulations to you.

And we have a lot of other good ones going out there. Herschel's leading right now.


So we have a lot of big races going on right now. So enjoy that, enjoy the food, and enjoy everything. And really in all fairness, it is a great honor to have the media with us and we hope you enjoy yourself and this wonderful group of people. These are the people that you read about. They are not the nicest people in the world, but they are brilliant financially. We're not going to see any great football stars in here, but we do see brilliant people. But no, but they're great people and very, very successful people. And they want what's good for the country and that's why they're here. And I want to thank you all for being here. And again to the media, thank you very much. Have a good time. Thank you.