Trump throws Truth Social tantrum demanding all cases against him "must be immediately halted"

Donald Trump Win McNamee/Getty Images
Donald Trump Win McNamee/Getty Images
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Donald Trump began his Monday raging about the slew of civil and criminal trials mounting against him, bemoaning specifically local trials like the New York criminal case set to start at the end of March. The former president recently attended a hearing in that case, which was brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and charges him with 34 felony counts related to alleged hush-money payments he made to an adult film actress in 2016. The presiding judge denied Trump's request to dismiss the case and set a March 25 trial date.

Despite a triumphant Saturday following his win in South Carolina's GOP primary, Trump's slate of legal troubles seemed to take center stage for him Sunday. Just before midnight, he took to Truth Social to praise a Fox News show he was viewing about his New York state fraud case, in which he was ordered to pay $355 million in penalties — now $454 million with interest, and encouraged his followers to watch the rerun at 3 a.m. Eastern time. "Wow! The Mark Levin Show just showed how Unconstitutional and unfair the NYSAG CASE against me is," Trump said in the post. "A TOTAL HOAX — ELECTION INTERFERENCE AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL!"

Trump hopped back on the app at 6:30 am Monday to demand all trials, including Bragg's, be "halted" and falsely saddle President Joe Biden with blame for his prosecution. "Why didn’t they bring these FAKE Charges THREE YEARS AGO? That would have solved all of their problems," the former president wrote in part. "(The answer is that they AIMED for the various trials to come up during my campaign for President, 2024!)."

"In other words, all of these FAKE POLITICAL PROSECUTIONS (PERSECUTIONS!) OF CROOKED JOE BIDEN’S POLITICAL OPPONENT MUST BE IMMEDIATELY HALTED!" he concluded. In addition to the nearly three dozen felony charges against him in New York, Trump faces 57 other criminal charges from two federal cases and a Georgia racketeering case.