Trump Supporters and Anti-Racism Protesters Clash in Portland, Oregon

Protesters violently clashed in Portland, Oregon, on August 22, with shields and batons used as weapons by the rival groups.

Footage uploaded to Twitter of the conflict shows protesters, identified by local news sources as Trump reelection supporters, Proud Boys, and Black Lives Matter demonstrators, fighting as the groups faced off.

Griffin Malone, who filmed this video, wrote in his Twitter caption: “Downtown Portland for protest clash. Patriot trump supporters are lined up with shields and armor, black lives matter protests are yelling and chanting back. Their black lives matter chants drowns out the streets.”

Local news reported protesters used baseball bats and firearms to attack and threaten one another, with the sides engaging in violent confrontations.

Portland police declared the protest unlawful, tweeting: “Federal officials have declared an unlawful assembly in Terri Schrunk Plaza. The crowd is being ordered to disperse to the North or be subject to force, arrest, or crowd control munitions.” Credit: Griffin Malone via Storyful