Trump is still an awful choice for the GOP. He’ll tear it and America apart even more | Opinion

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With mere months left until the primaries, it’s time to just say it: Another Trump presidency would be bad for Democrats, Republicans and America as a whole.

Trump is still doing well in the polls even without showing his face at any debates. Donors and sensible Republicans know that another Trump presidency would be awful for America, but they also seem resigned to such a fate. The Republican party is at a crossroads.

Trump’s driven to run for president entirely by his own simultaneously bruised and enormous ego, fueled by his MAGA fanbase. For awhile, support for Trump seemed justified when there were few visible canddiates to replace him. But the debates — and time — have proved that presumption wrong. There is no perfect candidate, of course, but there are strong, viable ones, particularly Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. Either could best Joe Biden but both lack the support they need since the largest faction of the GOP right now — MAGA — is still wild for Trump.

This split has shown that many Republicans have no idea who they are anymore apart from Trump: What do they believe? What will they fight for? Without a populist, is there any populism? The presence of Trump has obfuscated the GOP’s core mission such that it now no longer has one.

The passage of Ohio’s abortion referendum also shows this to be true as well. Republicans are really good at being against something (unless they are actually for a person). Now, they are only really good at losing. The party used to stand for the principles this country was founded on, such as limited government, personal responsibility and free enterprise. Many people believe such principles could right a sinking ship.

Trump’s MAGA fanbase can’t think of anyone other than Trump winning or imagine themselves supporting anyone else. Another Trump presidency would be like a toxic marriage: MAGA fans don’t want to leave Trump but Americans suffer if they continue to support him. They don’t seem to care how many indictments or criminal charges are levied against him.

MAGA must realize: Another Trump win will cost too many people too much. It will create further divisions in a country already rife with it. It will create fractures within the Republican Party because so many voters don’t actually support Trump any more. A Trump win would make the U.S. look weak abroad, because regardless of how Trump may have come across in 2016, since 2020, he’s done nothing but whine and complain.

Since when does the world’s greatest super power elect a whiny crybaby president? We need a president who can undo the damage Biden has done. Unfortunately, that’s not Trump.

Finally, a Trump win would likely unite the Democrat party more than ever because half of the country will be livid. It will be like the George W. Bush presidencies all over again, which started strong and ended with a whimper and a 20-year war in Afghanistan that we wound up losing. After a second Trump presidency, the GOP will not usher in a strong Republican candidate; the Democrats will usher in another strong Obama-like candidate because they will be ready to win again. Democrats will be able to mobilize their voters post-Trump like they did post-Obama when dissatisfaction was high. And then we will watch as the nation sinks under progressive governance, and even more damage is done.

If Trump or his supporters truly loved their country and the principles it was founded on, and wanted what was best for it, Trump would bow out and the MAGA fanbase would realize this was for the good of the country, and embrace a new candidate.

The GOP must find their way with or without Trump, preferably without, and figure out what they believe, what they will fight for, and how they will win elections again. Conservative ideology may not be everyone’s favorite set of beliefs, but the progressive rot in this country cannot stand, either.

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