Trump: ‘The shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to’

Donald Trump is lashing out at Republican leaders in the wake of the news that House Speaker Paul Ryan told his fellow House Republicans he could no longer defend the party’s nominee.

Trump unloaded on Ryan in a series of tweets on Tuesday, calling him “weak” and “ineffective.”

“Paul Ryan is focusing the next month on defeating Democrats,” Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck said in a statement. “And all Republicans running for office should probably do the same.”

The brash real estate mogul drew the ire of some current and former GOP leaders by bringing three of Bill Clinton’s accusers as his guests to Sunday’s presidential debate, and he appears to be continuing a scorched-earth strategy, suggesting Hillary Clinton would be in jail if he were president.

In a 2005 video tape published Friday by the Washington Post, Trump was caught on a hot mic bragging to then “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush that he could do anything he wanted to with women because of his celebrity status.

“I just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump said. “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.”

The comments led to a cavalcade of Republicans — including Arizona Sen. John McCain — rescinding their endorsements of Donald Trump.

During a conference call Monday morning, Ryan said he would no longer defend Trump but would focus instead on down-ballot races.

Trump fired back on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Trump suggested the Democratic Party has been “far more loyal to each other” than the GOP has been to him.