Trump picks up more national delegates as the only choice for Wyoming Republicans

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Republicans in Wyoming awarded former President Donald Trump all 29 of their national delegates in a presidential preference poll conducted Saturday.

Trump was the only candidate in the poll at the state Republican convention in Cheyenne.

The poll decided how all 29 of Wyoming’s delegates to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in July will pledge their votes.

National convention rules require delegates be bound to a candidate for at least the first round of voting, but Wyoming Republicans on Saturday decided to bound their delegates to Trump for the first and second rounds of balloting, the state party’s national committeeman Corey Steinmetz said Saturday in a text message.

Trump effectively clinched the Republican nomination in March.

Twenty three of Wyoming’s national delegates — one from each county in the state — were selected at Republican county conventions that began in February. The remaining six were chosen at the state convention.

Republicans are dominant in Wyoming politics and gave Trump the highest percentage of votes of any state in 2020.

Wyoming Democrats gave President Joe Biden all 17 of their national delegates in a similar poll conducted at county caucuses statewide April 13.