Trump reportedly got 'lava level mad' over potential exposure to coronavirus

President Trump was reportedly very, very mad about someone else's coronavirus diagnosis.

On Thursday, the White House confirmed a member of the military who worked closely with Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence had since tested negative for COVID-19, but Trump was still "lava level mad" he came even close to contracting it, NBC News reports.

The unidentified man was a member of Trump's valet, and started showing coronavirus symptoms Wednesday morning, CNN first reported. He remained "close to the president throughout the day on a consistent basis," NBC News writes. And when Trump found out Thursday that person had been in his vicinity, he "became 'lava level mad' at his staff and said he doesn't feel they are doing all they can to protect him from the virus," a person close to the White House told NBC News.

Trump's concern of personal infection contrasts with his lax attitude toward reopening businesses around the U.S. He explicitly acknowledged Tuesday that reopening the economy would coincide with "more death," but said the risks would be worth it.

Trump denied he had been close with the person who tested positive, saying Thursday "I've had very little personal contact with this gentleman." Instead of his usual weekly tests for COVID-19, Trump said he'll now be tested daily, as did Pence.

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