Trump promised he would testify in his own defense, but his lawyers have "decided against it"

Donald Trump Steven Hirsch-Pool/Getty Images
Donald Trump Steven Hirsch-Pool/Getty Images
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After over a month in court over his criminal hush money case, former president Donald Trump has decided not to testify in his own defense.

Before the trial started, Trump had ardently maintained that he would testify, telling reporters at Mar-a-Lago: “I’m testifying. I tell the truth.” One of his lawyers, Alina Habba, told Fox News just yesterday that Trump “is willing, he is able, he is nothing to hide it all. He's absolutely ready to tell the truth.”

But that willingness couldn't be found on Tuesday.

Although Trump's lead counsel, Todd Blanche, had indicated earlier in the trial that the former president could take the stand, “ultimately they decided against it,” The New York Times reported.

The consensus among legal experts had been that it might be best if did not. After all, "the jury may simply not like him,” as Sarah Krissoff, a former federal prosecutor, put it.

Trump's defense team ended up only calling two witnesses, one of whom, Robert Costello, put on a performance that most legal experts said was a set back to the defense.

Next week will likley bring the case to an end, with closing arguments scheduled after Memorial Day. A dozen jurors will then decide whether Trump is guilty of any or all of the 34 felony counts against him.